WARNING: Anti-Fraud Disclosure Statement


  • Electronic communications such as email, text messages, and social media messaging are neither secure nor confidential.
  • While TexasDreamProperty.com has adopted policies and procedures to aid in avoiding fraud, even the best security protections can still be bypassed by unauthorized parties.
  • TexasDreamProperty.com will never send you any electronic communication with instructions to transfer funds or to provide nonpublic personal information, such as credit card or debit numbers or bank account and/or routing numbers. EMAILS ATTEMPTING TO INDUCE FRAUDULENT WIRE TRANSFERS ARE COMMON AND MAY APPEAR TO COME FROM A TRUSTED SOURCE. Such requests are likely part of a scheme to defraud you by stealing funds from you or using your identity to commit a crime. These scams involve authentic–looking, yet fake emails to request information or direct users to a fake website.
  • When attempting to access the TexasDreamProperty.com website, always go directly to www.texasdreamproperty.com and do not click advertisements claiming to be TexasDreamProperty.com in order to access the website.
  • TexasDreamProperty.com’s affiliated licensees have been trained and warned concerning computer hackers and will most likely not attempt to send you any wiring instructions of any kind via electronic means either.


  • If you do receive any electronic communication directing you to transfer funds or provide nonpublic personal information, EVEN IF THAT ELECTRONIC COMMUNICATION APPEARS TO BE FROM TexasDreamProperty.com, please take the following actions:
  1. Immediately contact TexasDreamProperty.com BOTH by verified phone number and email to Realtor (at) TexasDreamProperty.com
  2. IMMEDIATELY notify your banking institution if you are a victim of wire fraud.
  • Buyers, if you have received wiring instructions claiming to be from a settlement/title company, lender, attorney, or other entity, please verify the authenticity of the wiring instructions by at least one other independent means (i.e. telephone or personal visit to the office) prior to initiating any transfer of funds. Be especially aware of any change requests subsequent to the original wiring/money transfer information.
  • Sellers, TexasDreamProperty.com recommends that if you send wiring instructions of any kind (such as for the receipt of your proceeds from the transaction) via email or any electronic means to anyone, that you verify that the correct instructions were received by a known representative of the intended recipient. Also, it is important to confirm with the intended recipient that the wire instructions are not to be substituted without your verbal consent. When wiring funds, never rely exclusively on an email, fax, text, or social media message communication.
  • Tenants, TexasDreamProperty.com will not request wire transfers in assisting you with leasing services.

I have read the Anti-Fraud Disclosure Statement and acknowledge that TexasDreamProperty.com has advised me on how to minimize the risk of fraud while using the TexasDreamProperty.com real estate services.

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